Want to Do Well with Your Personal Finances?

The last thing I thought I would be doing as a Registered Investment Advisor is talking about what kids eat for breakfast.

But here I am linking good food to good finances.

I recently returned from visiting my two grandkids, ages 8 and almost 4. They are posted abroad with their military parents.

I discovered they don’t eat breakfast on a regular basis; they are either too tired or they don’t have time.

As “Grandpa Bill,” I want to send a follow-up letter urging – “eat a good breakfast.” As luck would have it, I found a Wall Street Journal article entitled “What is the best way to study?” (WSJ, October 26, 2011) Turns out a good breakfast is a must before taking a school exam.

So my plan was to have my Little Brother (from Big Brothers/Big Sisters nonprofit which incidentally is a very good program for both of us) read me the article so I could take notes on the computer, send those notes to the grandkids, and then give a copy to my Little.

In the process, I also found out my Little Brother is not a big fan of breakfast either.

Everybody tells you to eat a good breakfast. Mom, the Doctor, your teacher. The article on taking tests says you should eat high carb, high fiber, slow-digesting foods like oatmeal.

The brain needs a steady supply of energy stretched out over time to function at its best. High sugar cereals will give your brain a boost but the energy levels then drop quickly.

I grew up eating cereal and milk; now I do eat oatmeal several times a week, and I’m starting a new regiment for breakfast, eating my cereal plus some meat and cheese.

The study also showed that students who eat a balanced diet for five days do better on the tests. The other ways to study include getting a good night’s sleep before the test, no all-nighters, and studying the hardest stuff just before you go to bed.

Food is connected to health and your health can be more important than how much money you have. If you saved money over a lifetime and are not healthy, then you won’t be able to spend your money on things you want. In the long-run health is more important than wealth.

Your personal finances are a continuing test. You will do well to eat a good breakfast each day you make a money decision, which is every day. If you are having problems with your money, eat an especially good breakfast.

When you eat a good breakfast, your mind will be sharp and you will make good financial decisions. Good financial decisions lead to wealth and personal enjoyment.

The first question I am going to ask potential clients now is “What did you have for breakfast?”

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